Take Charge of Your Money

Setting personal finance & life goals

January 24, 2022 Brendan Dale Season 1 Episode 2
Take Charge of Your Money
Setting personal finance & life goals
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Take Charge Of Your Money podcast with Brendan Dale
Episode 2 - 24 January 2022

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In this episode I'm chatting to Roisin Povall who shares her insights into goal setting. For life, finances, and business. Roisin is a business coach with a background in finances having being a Financial Director at a large corporate. You can follow Roisin on Twitter @RoisinPovall

Roisin speaks so beautifully and really inspires one to go out and find what motivates you. With 20 years of experience she really knows what she's talking about. Think about what it is that you've always wanted to do, the thing that you keep coming back to. Dig deep and find your true purpose.

Note that this was recorded in person and that there are some background noises here and there. Life happens as they say. Hope that you don't find it distracting.

Main topics discussed:
0:00 Podcast into and thanks to my sponsor
1:09 Introduction to our guest, Roisin Povall
2:17 Goals can be off-putting. Why and what mistakes do we sometimes make?
3:56 Be intentional about life, what you do, and where you want to be.
5:14 How to set SMART goals. Tips on setting goals that you can achieve.
8:25 Dig deep - find out what really motivates you and hear about how a coach can assist.
11:27 Where do you start now?

A recap on what a SMART goal is:
Achievable / Attainable
Time bound

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Where's your money disappeared?
You're not the only one! lol
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Guest intro
Goals can be off-putting
Be intentional
SMART goals are valuable
Dig deep
Where do you start?