Take Charge of Your Money

What is FIRE?

February 21, 2022 Brendan Dale Season 1 Episode 6
Take Charge of Your Money
What is FIRE?
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Take Charge Of Your Money podcast with Brendan Dale
Episode 6 - 21 February 2022

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This is a great chat with a very passionate guest, Thando Ndlovu who is aiming to retire early at age 35! You can find Thando on Twitter @itsThandoNdlovu

Note: In the introduction Thando mentions her page Small Steps to Freedom. This has been rebranded to Thando Ndlovu and you can find her links here. We recorded this episode a while back and so much has happened since. Thando has in fact moved to Bali to pursue her dream of FIRE.

FIRE stands for Financial Independence Retire Early and this is a movement which is growing fast in South Africa. People are looking for ways to change their lives and change the narrative that you have to work until age 65, or even 70. You can read about FIRE in South Africa in this post on my blog.

There is no set way as to how to achieve financial freedom as this can be approached in different ways, based on your priorities, circumstances, and life stage.

Main topics discussed:
0:00 Podcast into and thanks to my sponsor
1:09 Meet Thando
2:30 What is FIRE?
4:38 How can one be FIRE?
7:44 Thando's future is bright
8:47 Different types of FIRE
11:11 Where can someone start their journey?
14:06 What does retirement look like?

Thando recommends following people on the journey, reading up on the topic, and carving out your own journey to financial independence. Retirement doesn't necessarily mean that you need to stop working, it simply means that you're not obligated to. You may pursue charitable causes, start a business, spend quality time helping others. You have the choices.

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Meet Thando
What is FIRE?
How can one be FIRE?
Thando's future is bright
Different types of FIRE
Where can someone start their journey?
What does retirement look like?