Take Charge of Your Money

What it means to take charge of your money

January 13, 2022 Brendan Dale Season 1 Episode 1
Take Charge of Your Money
What it means to take charge of your money
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Take Charge Of Your Money podcast with Brendan Dale
Episode 1 - 13 January 2022

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Tebogo is my very first guest on this podcast and I'm sure you'll love him. He's sharing his financial journey of taking charge of his money. What it means to him and his family, why and how he budgets, how he uses an emergency fund, and more.

He shares many relatable stories and so many valuable money lessons.

Main topics discussed:
00:00  Podcast intro and sponsor thanks
01:08  Welcome and introduce Tebogo
03:58  The aha-moment, in fact he had two such moments
08:15  What it really means to take charge of your money
11:53  How to fix your money and start the journey
16:46  Emergency fund
18:35  All about budgeting
25:07  Thanks and closing thoughts

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Welcome to Tebogo
The aha-moment of change
What it means to take charge of your money
How to fix your money
Emergency Fund
Thanks and closing thoughts